Monday, August 22, 2022

Fairplay! Last weekend I participated in the Underarm cricket tournament. Our team members practised for the last two months and played friendly matches with other teams participating. To our surprise, our team player's average age was above 40 and the other team's average player age was 30. We were fighting against the youth's energy and stamina. Their eye-hand coordination was much quicker than ours. Being underdogs and consistent with our practice, we were confident and bold enough to go for the win against the tough teams in our group. We played four matches, two won and two lost very closely. During the whole tournament, our team played like a close-knit, Players never blamed anyone for the loss of the match and the wins were credited to the team. One of the major points observed was our fair play in the tournament. Our two players showed sportsman spirit in the match which was lost but won the hearts of the other team players. Everyone appreciated our team and we were visible at one time as a contender to be in the finals. This is all about being ethical in professional sport, similarly, in our profession, we need to be ethical and we will gain respect from others in this world. Not only respect, but others will also promote the way you show up and act. So next time be bold and confident to do business and show professionalism in the work. Fair play works in sports and business as people observe all the time. #business #team #energy #respect #work #cricket #sports