Thursday, June 24, 2021

The VCP Process: CREDIBILITY Credibility is when you trust them & they trust you & you both believe that each other is good at what we do. How do you gain credibility? Credibility is the quality of being reliable, worthy of confidence. Credibility grows when appointments are kept, promises are acted upon, facts are verified, and services are rendered. The old saying that results speak louder than words is true. Failure to live up to expectations–to keep both explicit and implicit promises–can kill a budding relationship before it breaks the surface of the ground and can create visibility of a kind you don’t want. Let’s talk about those activities that can help us lead those relationships from Visibility to Credibility: - Following up with a thank you note. - Offering doing something for others. - Being seen as someone that does perform consistently. Find ways that can you help them to make yourself more memorable. To determine how credible you are, people often turn to third parties. They ask someone they know who has known you longer or perhaps has done business with you. So, how credible are you? Would the people in your network vouch for you by saying that you are reliable and honest, your products and services are effective, you keep your appointments, act on your promises, deliver results as expected, and can be counted on in a crunch? If you’re not sure, now is the time to make a strategic effort to build your credibility; without credibility, you can forget about achieving profitability. This process takes time and work on your part to do it. Do it intentionally, do it meaningful & make it effective. Be sure to come back and read next week's post about profitability. #IvanMisner #asentiv #bni #bharatfirst #bharatjethani